Thirteen things I should have blogged about in the past week but didn’t

Note: I actually thought about my Thursday 13 post yesterday, but I thought yesterday was Wednesday and assured myself I’d have time to do it today, which is in fact FRIDAY, so somewhere out there in the Universe is a missing day!

Another note: I started this post during a lull in my 3rd period class. The kids were working quietly so I decided to take advantage of the time, but then someone needed help so I had to stop writing. Who do they think I am? It is NOW Sunday afternoon. I considered deleting the draft and moving on, but I’m sticking with the “better late than never” philosophy and I’m finishing it anyway.

  1. The new Harry Potter movie

  2. Why my dad’s mother’s bathroom still smells exactly the same as it did when I was a small child even though she has since moved to a different house in a different state…

  3. …and how I suspect it is because she still has the same towels, uses the same soap, and buys the same pink toilet paper

  4. The great “horse shoes” war that took place in my family on Thanksgiving Day…

  5. …and how my step-mother and my Uncle E. teamed up and beat the crap out of my dad and my Uncle B. six times in a row…

  6. …and how my Uncle B. pouted for an hour because he doesn’t like losing, especially to a woman

  7. How disappointed I am that it has been in the high 50s/low 60s for several days–it’s WINTER, for Pete’s sake!

  8. How I am more obsessed with whether or not I’m going to get Corey than whether or not I am pregnant

  9. How Corey’s father isn’t interested in allowing someone else to parent his child even though he is jobless, homeless, and, according to his own mother, most likely selling drugs…

  10. …and how his (the father’s) mother and aunt are gathering information to prepare for the next step, which will probably involve the Department of Social Services…

  11. …and how it scares the hell out of me to think of going through DSS court proceedings in order to get custody of a child I have never even met…

  12. …and how, in spite of #11, I am more frightened of leaving this child in a situation in which he is being neglected and mistreated

  13. My mom’s cornbread dressing–hands down, the best dressing on the planet, and how when I ate the last of my leftover allotment for lunch on Wednesday I actually picked up all the crumbs with my index finger and licked them off so I wouldn’t waste any part of the dressing

3 thoughts on “Thirteen things I should have blogged about in the past week but didn’t

  1. Glad that you’re back. Did you see that I tagged you with the Story Tree?

    I’m sorry that the Corey situation is getting so complex. My partner works for Child and Family Services here in Utah and I am constantly amazed at how people who have NO INTEREST in parenting would rather damage their children than let them go to someone who DOES want them and will love and honor and raise them. Sometimes it just fills me with so much rage and sorrow…

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