The power of 2

I’ve been tagged by Calliope, and it’s a good thing, because I sure as hell can’t think of anything witty to write today.

2 names you go by:

2 parts of your heritage:

2 things that scare you:
the unknown

2 things you’re wearing right now:
my favorite hoodie
fleece pants

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
Joan Baez
Jack Johnson

2 favorite songs (at the moment):
Beg to Differ (Patty Larkin)
Little Black Crow (Divine Maggees)

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love):
sense of humor
patience with me

2 truths:
Rawhide chews are not just for dogs.
I cannot watch a show, movie, or commercial where there are children without dissolving into tears.

2 physical things that appeal to you (in someone else):
curly hair

2 of your favorite hobbies:
taking pictures

2 things you want really badly:

2 places you want to go on vacation:
back to Italy
somewhere where there’s clear water and white sand

2 things you want to do before you die:
live in London
be a mom

2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick:
my shoe addiction
my insistence on having painted toenails

2 things you are thinking about now:
why on earth I have allowed myself to get so hungry that I have a headache
why I STILL have not yet eaten

2 stores you shop at:
Eddie Bauer

2* people you would like to see take this quiz:
Megan (Torching Time, Talking Rhymes)
Amanda (For the Byrds)
Trista (An Accident of Hope)
Jen (Addition Problems)

Just so you know, 4 is divisible by 2; hence, I have almost followed the numerical rules of this activity. And just so you know, it’s a miracle that I know the mathematical definition of the word “divisible.”

3 thoughts on “The power of 2

  1. Wasn’t my hundred things long enough for you? OK, I’ll do it, just because I feel so good when people I tag comply 😉

  2. I will do it SOON! I’m writing a five-page paper on what happens when people talk.. yes… FIVE PAGES! wish me luck!

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