Heroes and reasons for living

I recently discovered a new musical artist, A Girl Called Eddy, and I stole, er, borrowed this idea from her website. Check it out (click on the link that says HEROES/REASONS FOR LIVING), and then create your own list if you’d like. If you do, drop me a comment so I can see what tops your list.

heroes and reasons for living

the amazing women whose blood runs through my veins (robyn, norma jean, charity, megan, karen, and mary)~brie and french baguettes from superfoods on warwick avenue in london~michelob light~chapin’s purr against my chest~earl grey tea~the ellen degeneres show~revolved side angle, downward facing dog, and reclined cobbler~thursdays~suzanna’s happy dance and weird doggy smile~rainy days~letters from joy~diet coke~blogs~songwriters extraordinaire (mary chapin carpenter, tret fure, john mccutcheon, and emily saliers)~voices like honey (karen carpenter, joan baez, annie lennox, and emmylou harris)~geena davis in “commander in chief”~ashley judd and sharon stone~the diesel/rain/bakery smell of london~black and white film~james garner, matthew perry, and tom hanks~mint febreeze~cracker barrell’s blackberry cobbler and hashbrown casserole~9th grade naivete~watching old tv shows with my dad~the bean trees~old pictures of my grandfather~curried chicken tomato vegetable soup~soft wale corduroy~netflix~discovering really great new music~christmas lights gone wild~puppies~baby cows~johnny cash~the smell of autumn~the national storytelling festival~finishing a whole novel in one afternoon~freshly washed sheets~new books~falling asleep on the couch~driving with the windows down~hearing my 19 month-old goddaughter say my name~the first sun-ripened tomato of the summer~thanksgiving dinner~falling snow~eddie bauer jeans~writing

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