In spite of the giant middle finger that someone spray painted in the middle of our football field*, the ant holocaust taking place on my kitchen counter**, and my very sore ass, hamstrings, and abs***, I am happy to report that today is my kind of day. It’s cool and overcast, and the fall color is really starting to evolve. I am already fantasizing about how wonderful it will be to sleep past 5:45 in the morning, and there is a Starbucks pumpkin spice cream cheese muffin on my desk just waiting for the Earl Grey to brew. Good day.

*It’s Homecoming day, and someone thought it would be funny to, uh, decorate the field. The culprit is rumored to be a member or members of the class of ’07…the Juniors.

**I’m told that when the rain washes out their food supply the ants come indoors looking for grub. Thanks to the six straight days of rain we had two weeks ago, I have a serious ant problem. I sympathize with their plight, but I cannot share my kitchen with them, so I bought some ant traps and placed them around the kitchen–one under the dishwasher, one under the stove, two on the counter. After 24 hours the effects are starting show: ants are staggering, literally, and some are falling dead in their tracks. It’s sad, really, but I don’t know what else to do. I guess it’s time for another confession.

***I went to an advanced yoga class this week, as well as my regular level 1 class. I hadn’t been in two weeks, and I am really feeling not only the effects of returning but also of pushing beyond my normal limit. It feels good.

2 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. YUM! an overcast day sounds just about right. Take a pic of the leaves. I love it when trees show off.

    & was it wrong that I laughed about the high school prank? When I was a sophomore my class pranked our front lawn with the phrase “Spork You” spelled out in stolen Wendy’s sporks..

  2. Whoa.. that’s the coolest prank ever. I’m sorry.. it is.

    Also… 7:00 AM IS NOT SLEEPING LATE! (and I knew you would eventually agree with me.. but 9 30 isn’t that late either. not in my book..)

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