Things that make me laugh so hard

Except in this case the laughter is less like “haha, that’s hilarious,” and more like “haha, could you please step away, you are scaring me.”

There was a man in the next aisle at Target last night who was in line behind a woman he obviously knew. They chatted as he put his items for purchase on the counter, and I heard her say, “It looks like you’re stocking up tonight.” He replied, “Oh, well, the grandkids are coming this week.” That response might have made sense had he been purchasing, oh, I don’t know, juice boxes or string cheese or goldfish crackers, but this man was buying FOUR cans of Raid insect killer, THREE bottles of Lysol surface cleaner, and a deep fryer.

I ask you, is there something I don’t know about modern child care?

2 thoughts on “Things that make me laugh so hard

  1. wow.. there’s way too many weird things at target. remember when we went and saw about 50 middle aged people in suits and dresses enter and then leave with one item? weiirdd…

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