On a public challenge from Jen over at Addition Pr…

On a public challenge from Jen over at Addition Problems, I am posting this list of my “Six All Time Favorite Songs.” I’d never walk away from a challenge, but I’m not very good at the favorite song game because I am a music junkie. I love music. I love words and instruments and voices blending together to form unique little pieces of vocal art. I have a number of “favorite songs,” so picking six…well, just know there are others.

1. “This Train,” Tret Fure
2. “As Cool as I Am,” Dar Williams
3. “The Girl With the Flyaway Hair,” Annie Gallup
4. “I Take My Chances,” Mary Chapin Carpenter
5. “Central Reservation,” Beth Orton
6. “The Wood Song,” The Indigo Girls

Part of the challenge is to pass the challenge on to other bloggers. Since I don’t have many “blog friends” and probably won’t be making any today, I challenge the following readers (who will have to post their responses in the comments section–sorry, but it’s the best I can do at the moment):

1. Megan
2. Robyn
3. Gayle
4. Kate
5. Paula

3 thoughts on “On a public challenge from Jen over at Addition Pr…

  1. Wow.. This is tough; though, seeing as how I only listen to Dave Matthews Band, it might not be THAT tough. BUT, I’ll try not to use all Dave.. I can’t make any promises, though…

    1. “Recently,” Dave Matthews Band
    2. “Crush,” Dave Matthews Band
    3. “Lie In Our Graves,” Dave Matthews Band
    4. “Talk Show Host,” Radiohead
    5. “I Might Be Wrong,” Radiohead
    6. “Mary,” Supergrass

    P.S. I’m working on a blog. 🙂

  2. Sorry, but I really suck at this; just for you, I will try:

    1. Anything by Annie Lennox, and I do mean anything. Actually, I could have typed this six times.
    2. “I Take My Chances” by MCC
    3. Anything by EmmieLou Harris. See comment in #1 above.
    4. “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins
    5. “This Is It” by Kenny Loggins
    6. Roberta Flack, my soul sister, even when she sings in the shower (I suppose she does..)

  3. Okay, Oprah; I’m in, but at the risk of omitting some truly dated tunes from my long lost youth:

    1.) “Angel of Love”: Tret Fure
    2.) “Tupelo Honey”: Van Morrison
    3.) “Stormy Love”: Laura Nyro
    4.) “A Case of You”: Joni Mitchell
    5.) “Prayer in Open D”: Emmylou Harris
    6.) “Wedding Day”: Rosie Thomas

    This was torture! May I please post another six? I left out Shawn Colvin, Don Henley, Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Warnes, Jackson Browne . . . *sob* Kate

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