I wonder if this is what Pompeii was like in the weeks and months after Vesuvius blew, ash and broken furniture littering the rooms where children played, friends laughed, where music and literature, science and mathematics drifted like smoke through the open doors and windows. There are no stone encrusted bodies here, clinging for dear life, no vacant-eyed … More Gone


I am almost afraid to announce that I actually had an entire planning period all to myself today. I got to make seating charts! I got to grade papers! I got to make copies! Oh, will the joy never cease? The good news is that I shouldn’t have to cover any more classes this week … More Sub-terranean

New frontiers

This is my last post on Blogger, and my first post on my all new blog at WordPress. Call me a follower, a copycat, a bandwagon-jumper–whatever you call me, please keep visiting, and if you link to my site, please adjust your site accordingly. The truth about the change is that I don’t like being … More New frontiers

60 is the new 92.5

When I was a senior in high school I had a kick-ass English teacher who, to me, was an icon, a goddess among people. She was sharp-tongued and quick witted, and she worked our know-it-all asses off. Most of my classmates hated her. I wanted to be just like her. One of her best-known quirks … More 60 is the new 92.5


It is 80 degrees in my class–er, cubicle. 80. The temperature of early summer. The temperature of greenhouses. A temperature it should never be inside of a building occupied by humans. And humid. God, is it humid. It smells like feet, or a gerbil cage. Nice. I am not kind when I’m hot, and I. … More Hell?

Well kids, things are definitely back to normal ar…

Well kids, things are definitely back to normal around here. I have given my slacker 1st block class an assignment, and most of them are doing it. Two of them, however, are sitting at the back of the cubicle (okay, so some things will never be normal) talking, laughing, glancing my way to make sure … More Well kids, things are definitely back to normal ar…