I found out last week that my grandmother on my mom’s side is dying. Soon, probably. Some rare and apparently very advanced form of liver cancer. I am speechless. Wordless in general, apparently, because it’s been several minutes since I typed those sentences up there, and I still don’t know what else to say. I … More Blank

Notes on a funeral

-I thought losing a grandparent as an adult would be different from losing a grandparent as a child. I was 15 when my mother’s father died. I thought Nanny’s death would be easier somehow. But in the final analysis, adulthood is meaningless where this particular loss is concerned. The death of a grandparent reduces you to childhood regardless of … More Notes on a funeral

Tuesday, September 12: The One With the Flying Mother

I mentioned last week that my middle sister moved to California to attend art school. Last Tuesday my mother flew out to help her get settled. Her flight pattern was Charlotte-Atlanta-Orange County. At least it was supposed to be. She arrived at my house late Monday evening, as I’m about an hour closer to Charlotte … More Tuesday, September 12: The One With the Flying Mother

Public apology

Dear Megan, When you finally recover your cell phone and listen to your messages, please disregard the one from me. You see, when I got the message from Mom that said, “I can’t find Megan. She’s not answering her phone. I can’t get in touch with [her boyfriend] either. Have you heard from her? Call … More Public apology


I can’t even remember if I’ve mentioned that I’m taking two graduate courses this semester. It was all part of The Plan That Wasn’t To Be: I was going to be working in a school media center, which was going to limit my constant contact with kids, which was going to limit my exhaustion; I … More Procrastination