To see the dog that bit me on the leg and drew blood THROUGH MY PAJAMAS on Christmas Eve, the magnets my sister and I made over the holidays, my middle sister under the influence of pomegranate martinis, my youngest sister and me getting tattooed, and my youngest sister’s cool lizard king tattoo, go here. … More Redirected

Om for the holidays

I’m supposed to be packing for my Thanksgiving trek to points south where I will spend the next three days with my dad’s side of the family, but in spite of the piles of clothes strategically placed about my bedroom and the open suitcase on my bed, here I sit talking to “my friends in … More Om for the holidays

Russell Square

Russell Square The song playing on the country radio station was “Drivin’ My Life Away” by Eddie Rabbit. It was raining hard, like in the song, and we were buying day-old hot dog buns at the Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet across from the Woodrow Wilson duck pond. I sat in the middle of the truck … More Russell Square

Sweet Charity

Today is my sister Charity’s 20th birthday. TWENTY. I’m not sure which is more unbelieveable–the fact that she’s two decades old, or the fact that I can clearly remember things that happened two decades ago. She fulfilled my life’s greatest wish–to have a sister–and she’s been fulfilling that wish since. There is no one on … More Sweet Charity

Our mother’s daughters

Heather: “How much is this tie-dyed hoodie?” Crafty tie-dye man: “Forty-five.” Heather: “Dollars?” Crafty tie-dye man: “Yes, I hand tie-dyed it. These regular sweatshirts are twenty.” Heather (to Megan): “So a hood costs an additional twenty-five bucks?” Megan: “Yeah, right, and I’m sure it cost him about five dollars to make the whole thing. I … More Our mother’s daughters

Why I love Charity

My sister Charity has been making me laugh at inappropriate times and at inappropriate things since she was five months old. I will never forget sitting in church on a Sunday night with her on my lap. I was 12, and drawing attention of any kind to myself was, at that time in my life, … More Why I love Charity

Happy Birthday, Megan

My baby sister turned 18 today. It wasn’t her best day. She’s having a rough start at James Madison University, where I am convinced that things will take a turn for the better and she will be immensely content. But today I’m just sorry JMU is almost four hours away, because I’d sure like to … More Happy Birthday, Megan

easter after 30

My mom is the Easter basket queen. For as long as I can remember, my sisters and I have hit the jackpot where these small gift-giving vessels are concerned: jewelry, books, gift certificates, and of course, candy. Mom doesn’t waste her time on hollow chocolate bunnies and jelly beans; she goes for the good stuff: … More easter after 30

snow day

I’ve been dropping hints to my dad about moving south for two years now. He hates the long cold winters in West Virginia where he was born–where I was born–and where he has remained for over 50 years. The cold makes his head hurt, he tells me, makes him feel tired. He hates the snow. … More snow day