Random dose of random

  • I came across this when I logged into AOL today. I am not ashamed to say I have owned, in some form or another, four of these shoe styles. In fact, my Crocs look just like those in the picture, and my Tevas are merely a different color. And even though I would never purport that any of my shoes are “pretty,” I am offended that a pair of Docs is featured on the same list as jellies and those inane sneakers with the 7-inch heels. Does this seem incongruous to anyone else?
  • I live in a house that was built in 1987. Pretty much everything on and in my house is original except a few coats of interior paint and my new carpet. Thus, some things do not work as effectively or as efficiently as they once did. Take for example my kitchen sink sprayer. The kitchen sink sprayer in general is one of my favorite inventions. Mine, however, has NEVER worked. Instead, it has consistently leaked a few uninspired streams of pressure-less water whenever the handle was engaged for the past six years. I have taken it apart, cleaned its innards, shaken it, tapped it on the side of the sink, slammed it against the side of the sink–nothing has affected its useless performance. And then yesterday, out of lifelong habit, I pulled it out of its little hidey hole next to the faucet and clicked the sprayer in an effort to power wash the high chair tray, and much to my astonishment, the most powerful burst of water shot out of the nozzle. It actually got me wet, it was so vigorous. I was sure it was some random occurrence, but my sprayer continues to spray. I am confused but pleased. Anyone have a hypothesis about why it took my kitchen sprayer six years to engage?
  • If you are not a mom or are not interested in all things baby, you might want just move on to another blog right now, because I’m getting ready to talk about my kid’s poop. 
  • About the poop. I mentioned offhandedly in last night’s post that her BMs have been hard lately. Not the process, mind you, just the result. They have also been darker in color, or a combination of light and dark colors, for a few straight days. Today she had one that was exactly half normal poop color and half dark-blackish. She had blueberry applesauce yesterday, so I could just assume that’s the reason, but have you ever known me to just shrug off anything? Here’s the part where you comment and tell me about your kid’s dark poop, or your nephew’s or best friend’s kid’s or neighbor kid’s dark poop. You can follow that by telling me how much or little I ought to worry. Meanwhile, I’m going to investigate a smell that may have a completely normal outcome, thereby negating this part of the post. Or it will follow the abnormal pattern of this morning’s poop, and I will continue to worry and wonder what’s taking you so long, hurry and comment already.

2 thoughts on “Random dose of random

  1. Natalie LOVES to eat frozen blueberries. We occasionally make the mistake of letting her eat A LOT of them. The next few days are a festival of freakish poop colors ranging from dark, dark green to almost blue. So I would not panic, and you know I can panic with the best of them. Also, I am entertained by the half and halfness of the poop you describe.

  2. In 14 years of teaching, I have changed moer diapers than I care to count. And I have seen all sorts of poop – different sizes, shapes, hues, textures, you name it, I’ve seen it. Don’t worry unless it’s white. Yes, I have seen white poo. Crappy processed food diet. And, actually, even that kids was fine. Thriving, despite the terrible food he ate.

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