This must be be what purgatory is like

I’m in class. Cataloguing class. A class I am paying almost a thousand dollars to take, and yet, here I sit, blogging. My classmates are doing other various and sundry non-cataloguing activities: playing games, instant messaging, talking about drinking games. Our professor is flipping through a magazine. If I am joking, may I be doomed to catalog Republican Party propaganda in some dank library basement for the rest of time.

I know my last two posts (counting this one) have been lame, but this NaBloPoMo thing is a good thing for me. For one thing, I have a monster draft in the works, something I have been needing to process and write down for months. Working my way through it is allowing me to write about other things, regular fun everyday things. I actually look forward to writing, even though I don’t always get to do much of it.

Like now, because, glory of glories, it’s almost time to go and I don’t want to waste unnecessary time shutting down and packing up.

2 thoughts on “This must be be what purgatory is like

  1. Yeah, I think maybe you’ve got the same instructor I’ve got. We spent almost 40 minutes last night waiting for her to come back from a cellphone conversation.

    We could hear her laughing and talking in the next room. It wasn’t business.

    I don’t remember college being like this the first time around.

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