If I haven’t turned my calendar yet can I pretend it’s still September?

Say no if you want, but I’m doing it anyway. I refuse to acknowledge October. Don’t get me wrong–I have nothing against October. I love October. October is my homey. But there is either something seriously wrong with October, or there is something seriously wrong with my calendar, because it is not supposed to be 88 degrees in October. This is the time of year when the leaves start turning gentle shades of yellow and orange before they placidly drift to the ground. There are leaves falling now, but they are shriveled and black and dead. This is the time of year when I pull out my soft sweaters and funky warm socks. I have a sweater at work, but I only put it on when the air conditioner gets too chilly because it’s trying to protect us from the flames of hell that are licking the blazing metal surface of our building. This is the time of year when I revel in cool rainy days. It has not rained here, excepting a sprinkle here and there, in months. It is hot and dry. Initially I preferred this to hot and humid, but now I’m just sick of hot. I am even sick of warm. I would welcome cool, but really, I secretly want cold. I want to wear gloves and scarves. I want my plants to die from natural causes, not from plain thirst (we are no longer allowed to water yards and outdoor plants). I want to dress my daughter in the fall and winter clothes hanging unused in her closet.

October, if you’re out there, we’re waiting for you. Come quickly. Bring rain and lots of it. It’s time for this greedy September to hit the road, and it’s going to take some doing.

7 thoughts on “If I haven’t turned my calendar yet can I pretend it’s still September?

  1. Right on. It’s 82 and I’m wearing fall clothes anyway in protest. I’ve decided that NO ONE is allowed to complain about how “cold” or “long” winter is this year.

  2. I hear you. There is no earthly reason that people should be wearing shorts. In October. In MAINE. And yet, that’s what we’ve got here today. Where is my New England autumn??

  3. Amen. WTF? I took a little “walk around the block” today to get out of my office and I was dying! It’s October. It’s New England. Why am I sweltering in a light blazer?!?!

  4. Yeah… I took the day off today and tried to plant some stuff outside. It’s upper 80’s and misery.

    I decided to pull out the pumpkin decor today. Maybe if I pretend hard enough, it will be October.

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