Effin’ magic

Did you ever read a sign or other such lettered media and realize without a doubt that what you read isn’t actually what the sign said? I give you the following example: this morning I found myself at a stoplight behind a Keebler truck. I glanced at the pictures of giant cookies and the big tree where Ernie and the other elves conjure up yummy cookie goodness. I read the slogan in huge letters across the truck’s rear door: A Little Elfin Magic Goes a Long Way. Except I read…

…you’re there, aren’t you?

…can you see it?

…are you laughing as hard as I was?

…thats’ right: A Little Effin’ Magic Goes a Long Way.


4 thoughts on “Effin’ magic

  1. While in Boone during graduate school, I saw a white tanker truck with the name “Freeman Gas” and the bright blue flame logo for natural gas on its side. With the placement of the flame — its tip between the second “e” and the “m” — my mind read it “Free Man Gas.” I actually thought, “Ew…who would want that?”

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