T-minus 14

I should really be putting the finishing touches on a poetry test and making sure I know what the hell I’m teaching in less than an hour, but I promised a report on Friday’s “good thing,” and besides, I’d rather talk to the internet than work anyway.

On Friday after dinner I filled up the bathtub, poured some of Mia’s lavender nighttime bath into the water, and tossed in the waterproof books and rubber fish. Mia has always liked the water, but I was not prepared for how much she liked being in deep water. We’re talking ecstatic–arms waving, legs kicking every which way, face simply glowing with excitement. It was not the most relaxing bath I’ve ever taken, but it was possibly the most entertaining. We’ll definitely be taking more “big baths.”

Today I’m going to attempt to make my own bagels. I’m nervously excited. Bagels have to be boiled. Did you know? I’ll let you know how it goes.

By the way, thanks for the continued great suggestions (new ones are in red, edits are in blue). I’m going to gain back some of these pounds I’ve been trying to get rid of, but it’s SO going to be worth it.

Monday, May 21: Calliope suggested making my own bagels, so I found a recipe and plan to buy the ingredients and try it out on Monday night.

Tuesday, May 22: EDITED: I am taking Tuesday afternoon off, so I get to look forward to having a whole afternoon with Mia. I am thinking we might go to the park and then have dinner at P@nera with the giftcard I got for Mother’s Day. Or we might just hang out at home and play, which is something I look forward to every day.

Wednesday, May 23: Trista suggested making a cool recipe and eating it on my screened porch with a friend. I’m going to make pineapple salsa, and I will eat it with Hint o’Lime chips on my screened porch. I will think about sharing it with someone.

Thursday, May 24: Jen suggested chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. On Thursday I’ll go somewhere and buy something really sinfully chocolate and eat it all by myself.

Friday, May 25: Laguilia suggested lots of great things, so on Friday morning I’m going to stop at Panera for breakfast on the way to work, and then, weather permitting, plan a Friday afternoon visit to one of my city’s cool parks. EDITED: I just found out that our newest park, which is downtown–very cool, lots of fountains and benches and free Wi-Fi–has free music on Friday evenings!

Tuesday, May 29: EDITED: Rescheduled Scrabble and beer with my sister.

Wednesday, May 30: My college friendRosemary (Hey, Bud!) suggested I have London Night. We spent a semester there sophomore year, and it was one of the very best times of my life. We used to buy these huge chocolate gateau cakes and sit around the table eating the cake right out of the box.* Good times. So on Wednesday I’m going to buy the closest thing to that cake I can find and eat it while flipping through my London scrapbook.

Thursday, May 31: Lo suggested watching movies, and on Thursday evening I’ll watch whatever is in from Netflix. I’ve been keeping light, humorous titles at the top of my queue, so I’ll pop some popcorn and be entertained.

Friday, June 1: J suggested an Evening of Sin. Excellent! I usually eat out Friday nights, so I’m going to hit Red Robin for burgers and fries and one of my few vices, a fountain Diet Coke. Then, once at home (if I can still swallow food), I’ll have a cocktail (hey J, can I get that recipe?) and one of those Betty Crocker mini chocolate cakes (YUM!).

Monday, June 4

Tuesday, June 5

Wednesday, June 6

Thursday, June

Friday, June 8

*Lest you think Rosemary and I ate the cake alone, there were four, sometimes five, occasionally six people gathered around with spoons in hand. Just so you know.

One thought on “T-minus 14

  1. ok. Here’s another one. European Breakfast. Buy some European cheeses. Get some sliced deli meats (I’d suggest skipping the head cheese, but it’s your call) and some little slices of bread (rye, pumpernickel, whatever, you can buy a loaf and cut it, or get those little, teeny, rectangular loaves, or get some rolls). Soft boil an egg (if soft boiling makes you sick, then hard boil it, after all it’s your breakfast). Arrange the meat slices and cheese slices on a pretty plate, put the bread in a basket and the egg in an egg cup. Pour yourself a cup of very strong coffee. And then start munching. If you want to dilute the authenticity then you can slice up some fruit to have with it. (the whole 15 days of breakfast in central Europe we got fruit ONCE. And pastries were offered twice. This was standard breakfast fare in the hostels we stayed at).

    The topper for this breakfast (even if you eat it for dinner) is to put on The Sound of Music right before you eat and then swirl around your house singing along to the opening numbers… and then sit down to your breakfast as Maria gets to work.

    You don’t have to take this suggestion, btw, if you don’t want to. But it’s really nice to have permission to eat only cheese and bread for an entire meal. At least I think it’s nice. You can substitute beer instead of the coffee if you like. But only if it’s a central European brew.

    Another simple pleasure. Find some ducks somewhere and help Mia throw breadcrumbs at them.

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