Imagine if I used all 92% of my brain

Sometime post-fire, pre-birth I heard a report on NPR claiming that pregnant women lose 8% of their brains during pregnancy, but by 6 months post-partum they regain that 8 plus an additional 8, making them even smarter than before. I can only hope.

Last week after snacking on white corn tortilla chips and salsa ranch dip, I put the chips in the chip basket. Later that evening I made a salad, and for a little crispiness on said salad I reached for the tortilla chips. Behind them was the salsa ranch dip. The “refrigerate after opening” salsa ranch dip. In the chip basket.

 Yesterday I took the bike I received LAST Christmas (and, between winter and pregnancy, had ridden exactly twice) to the gas station for an air refill, and when I got home I immediately got on the bike to take a spin around the cul-de-sac. I forgot to put the kickstand up, so I tried doing this while in motion. While wearing Crocs. My left Croc, the one on the kickstand side, flew off and into the spokes of the back tire. Then I ran over it. And did I mention I was moving? In my shock and sudden barefootedness I forgot to turn at the end of the circle, and I almost took out a neighbor’s mailbox. The Croc and my foot are fine, but I’ve put the bike away–at least for the next few months. I think biking requires more brain than I currently possess.

But the piece-de-resistance just happened. Moments ago I was using a screwdriver, which I took from the junk drawer in the kitchen. After I’d completed my task I went to put the screwdriver away, and did so–in the freezer. I actually walked away, and then stopped just before I’d cleared the kitchen because I sensed that I’d done something…not quite right.  Heh.

I’m worried about myself. I’m holding out hope for that 16%.

2 thoughts on “Imagine if I used all 92% of my brain

  1. Wow. Good luck with the whole brain thing…I hope you get that extra 16%…of course, my mother does the same stuff now…sure, she’s 60 but since you know her I thought maybe you’d like to give her a call…form a support group…although she puts her eye glasses in the freezer…slightly different from you…and then there was the Flaming Pizza Box Incident of 1995…hmmm…hope this isn’t giving you ideas…happy Friday!

  2. I think you do get smarter WHEN they start sleeping through the night. Don’t worry, when Aaron was about Mia’s age, I put an entire pan of hard boiled eggs in the cabinet and the drinking glass in the fridge sans ice or drink.

    It will get better. Hang in there.

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