Santa saved the best present for the day AFTER Christmas

Actually, the “unwrapping” of said present started on Christmas night, but I didn’t actually get to enjoy it until today. Specifically, at 11:54 a.m. today.

Her name is Mia. She weighs 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and she is 20 inches long. Her hair is amazing–you have to see it to believe it. Pictures forthcoming, along with more details.

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15 thoughts on “Santa saved the best present for the day AFTER Christmas

  1. SO glad to know she is here and all is well. Super big congratulations to you and welcome to the world and the blogosphere, Mia! Can’t wait to see pictures and read the birth story!

  2. Oh God! I’m so happy for you HD!!!! and Mia it’s a great name!!! I can’t wait to see her!! what an awesome christmas present!!!

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Big Kiss

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh my! Came via Trista (she happens to be at the top of my bloglines list – alphabetical order & all…) and am just blown away with excitement. Eagerly awaiting pictures. Welcome to this big ol’ blue marble, Mia!

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