Stumbling** towards normal* (With minor editing)

1. Note to self: a DiGiorn0 thin crust pizza comes with a very thin piece of cardboard under it. You should NOT put the pizza in the oven WITH the cardboard under it. Bad things could happen, and you are damn lucky they didn’t.

2. What’s all this hype about Blogger Beta? Do I want to convert? Pros and cons, please, because that little “You can’t go back!” warning scares me.

3. Today is Tuesday. It’s 8:29. My final paper of the semester is due next Thursday. I have most of the research and none of the writing done, and I am now on my way to bed. Pray for me. I’ve come too far to blow it all by not getting my paper written because I’m so worthless when I come home that I watch an hour of “Friends,” eat a bunch of M&Ms, and collapse into bed wearing my glasses, a t-shirt and no pants.

4. Note to Feeny: Um, NO, the school did not purchase this magnificent laptop for me. You’re funny.

5. Note to Bri: KFC’s chicken/potato/cheese bowls? If Wes leaves you for eating one he can always come live with me. I have actually TURNED THE CHANNEL to avoid seeing ads for them. I can handle my food touching, but that kind of intermingling of substances is just WRONG. Sick and wrong.

6. Logic question: I usually stop at St@rbucks on Friday mornings on my way to work for a latte and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Tomorrow is Wednesday, but I don’t have to work Thursday and Friday, so technically, tomorrow is like Friday. Therefore, shouldn’t tomorrow be latte/pumpkin cream cheese muffin day? I just knew you would agree.

*Allusion, anyone?
**I meant to type “stumbling.” STUMBLING Towards Normalcy.

4 thoughts on “Stumbling** towards normal* (With minor editing)

  1. “Fumbling towards ecstasy” – Sarah McLachlan?

    And I TOTALLY agree that today is for all intents and purposes Friday. I am wearing my “as-if-I’m-not-riduculously-casual-the-rest-of-the-week-‘casual Friday'” outfit today, so you should DEFINITELY get your muffin.

  2. I told Wes that he could go and live with you if I eat a KFC thing. And he asked if you were cute. And so I went into your flickr pictures to show him you. And then, not only did he think you were cute, but he was also impressed with your yoga picture and ESPECIALLY in love with your pictures of cows and sheep and goats. He went on and on about how adorable that curly cow was. So now it seems he loves you. So thanks. Thanks so much for breaking up my marriage.

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