I used to work there


Since the laptop I’ve been using for all of my internet access was in my classroom, I have to resort to my antique desktop, which sometimes freezes mid-sentence. I can only take the slowness for so long, so until I have replaced the laptop my posts will be short and most likley infrequent.

So yesterday my school burned down. The fire alarm went off at 2:10, at the very end of the lunch period, and since we never have fire drills during lunch, the Jaded Me told my kids some knucklehead had pulled the alarm and we’d be back in just in time to start our last class of the day. When I saw the athletic director’s frantic expression as he urged us to hurry, I should have gone back for my computer and phone, which at that time were only steps away. Who knew what the rest of the day held?

It started in a chemistry lab, which was empty at the time; the chemicals caught fire and went straight into the common attic, which was filled with junk and dust and such, and within 20 minutes the entire upstairs was ablaze. When the black smoke starting pouring out of the exhaust vents they evacuated the campus.

I am fine. My purse was in my car, although my cell phone, the aforementioned laptop, and my jump drive with 3 years of graduate work was in my classroom. According to my assistant principal, the hall where my room is located was the least damaged part of the building, and this morning after gathering what could be salvaged from the front office, the firemen went into classrooms and took whatever appeared to be a bag, briefcase or purse. There is a slight chance that my jump drive is safe in that bag somewhere. That’s the good news (other than the obvious–that no one was hurt).

The bad news is that there really is no news. No one is quite sure where we will go. A decision is to be reached by tomorrow, and then we’ll pick up and go on. Can anyone say “surreal”?

13 thoughts on “I used to work there

  1. Holy shit. I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay. I can’t imagine how it must feel; the uncertainty would be crushing. I hope that the time is short before things start to feel like “normal” again.

  2. this is awful!! SO glad that no one was hurt- but what an effing mind blow.
    I saw some students being interviewed on cnn & they looked shocked.

  3. I’ve also been worrying about you. I am so glad no one was hurt but I am sorry that you lost what you lost. I hope the year keeps rolling on in an OK way.

  4. My thoughts are with you right now, and again, echoing the relief that you, and your students and fellow faculty/staff are ok being the most important thing, I understand the feelings of loss that everyone involved with your school must be feeling right now.

  5. You know as a kid, I fantasized about the school burning to the ground, but you never think it would actually happen. Surreal indeed. I too am glad you are alright and that no one was hurt.

  6. Oh My God!!! that is horrible!! I’m glad you and Chickie are Ok, hopefully your jump drive is safe and you can recuperate 3 years worth of work.


  7. Oh! I’ve been away from my computer… I think the loss of the jump drive would DEVASTATE me. I am thinking of you and wishing you the best… and keep an eye on your mailbox…

  8. Hey girl. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you & hoping that everything is…well, that things are getting better. Please update us when you can.

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