Life here is just scintillating

About 30 minutes ago I dropped a pomegranate seed. I quickly scurried to find it–I’m told pomegranate juice stains permanently–but I never did. Not inside the chair or on the floor or in my lap. It was just…gone. I was starting to think that perhaps I hadn’t dropped it at all, that it had fallen into my mouth or back into the bowl. And then, a minute ago, I located the seed. It was in my bra. It’s really too bad this week’s Photo Friday theme isn’t “E is for–.” E is for Embarrassing.


Every 30 minutes or so an ant crawls across my laptop screen. My location is irrelevant–at the table, in the lounge chair, on the sofa. I haven’t seen ants IN any of these places. Is it possible that there an ant colony IN MY LAPTOP?


Chapin the Cat is asking for food almost constantly these days. I typically feed him twice a day, but lately he eats most of what’s in his bowl quickly and immediately starts begging for more. I only indulge him at night because I don’t want him to wake me at 2 in the morning asking for a refill. As one might expect, he seems to be growing. And growing. And God, is he growing. Have I ever mentioned how huge he is to begin with? It’s like one of those bad Japanese films from the 50s about nuclear experiments gone awry–anybody ever seen “Mothra”? I’ve got freaking Catra living in my house.

6 thoughts on “Life here is just scintillating

  1. wait- is couvade a fancy word for sympathy pregnancy? cause that is what I was going to suggest, but Trista’s word sounds MUUUUUCH smarter.

    I have random ants here as well. I think it is because I leave the back door open all day – but I never see more than one. weirdness.

  2. That’s so funny–my cat has been a bottomless pit lately as well. i wonder if it’s related to the change in weather…?

    Ants on your laptop? That kinda scares me!

  3. have kitty’s thyroid checked…. After Juno was on kitty thyroid meds for about a month, her “vulture-like” ways diminished…

  4. Finding things in your bra–now you know how I feel.

    I’d rather have ants than the HUGE, DISGUSTING, WEIRD-LOOKING bugs that are all over my dorm. I don’t even know what they are, but I do know that they like to attach themselves to the butt of another bug. Hmm…

    I am still laughing at Catra.

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