Please stay tuned

I have a lot to say today, but currently I am beating back the urge to blog in an effort to smack down procrastination, as I must spend my early afternoon on this:

“Exam 1
September 13, 2006
Question: After viewing and participating in the Collection Policies class session, think about all the information presented PRECEDING this presentation, and discuss how it all impacts the development of collection policies.

DO NOT discuss the format or contents of the policies.

You are to discuss how the concepts and processes, presented in previous class sessions and discussions, affect the development of collection policies.

Make sure you do not exceed 5 double-spaced pages, maximum.”

And also a set of reference questions, one of which is:

1. A major political figure in Texas from 1938 to 1948 known as “Pass the Biscuits Pappy” (of “Light Crust Doughboys” fame) was born in another state that was also birthplace to a famous woman who was president of the first women’s club. Her last name is the same as the former president of a group dedicated to saving a particular species of mammals, and her first name is the same as the daughter of the 26th President of the United States for whom a color was named. She is the subject of a biography written by a woman who edited a column for the American Library Association. Her home state’s leading livestock product is also the last name of a quite famous woman, daughter of a prominent politician, known for philanthropy in Texas at the turn of the century, whose name caused gales of hilarity. What was her name?

I’ll be with you when I’m either finished or have quit graduate school altogether and made the inevitable decision to become a Starb*cks barista with a ridiculously large but incomplete store of knowledge about the library/media sciences.

5 thoughts on “Please stay tuned

  1. Ok. That second question? It is a MINEFIELD of unclear antecedents. Which “she” exactly is the professor seeking? Ridiculous.

    Although, if you were headed for a career in reference librarianship (as in the reference desk of a public library) it would probably be excellent preparation for the types of questions you’d field, though the exam question is rather more erudite and snobbish than what you’d encounter at the desk.

    (Yet somehow, the geek in me wants to dig up the answers to ALL of the trivial bits of that question.)

  2. I dreamed that I actually found the answer to the second question. So, now I’m having dreams about OTHER PEOPLE’S library school exams? Also, geez – my Reference teacher gave us some odd questions, but they were always straightforward! On the down side, he taught us to use a whole bunch of reference sources that my little neighborhood branch doesn’t carry.

  3. Ack, I came back here to see if I could help. And was glad to see that Jen already complained about the ambiguity of the “she’s” involved. Which she, indeed?

    Stupid teacher. Do I really want to go to school to do this? I think I’ll avoid your school so I don’t get this teacher…

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