I thought the hormones eventually achieved some sort of balance

There is a “Gilmore Girls” promo that’s been running endlessly on the Warner Brothers station that shows Lorelei and Rory hugging. Rory says, “I love you, Mom,” and Lorelei says, “Kid, you have no idea.” I dissolve into tears every time I see it; I had to bite my tongue while I typed that last sentence. Want to hear the worst part? I don’t even watch “Gilmore Girls.” I had to Google the show in order to find out the characters’ names. It’s just that the “maternal moment” in that 10 second clip reduces me to a glob of mushy mommy goo, and even though I see the commercial coming and I know that clip is approaching, I can’t stop myself. Seriously, shouldn’t I be beyond these hormonal meltdowns by now?

10 thoughts on “I thought the hormones eventually achieved some sort of balance

  1. Welcome to mommydom. The crying isn’t about hormones anymore. You will forever cry at scenes such as this.

    Gilmore Girls is a great show.

  2. i second what stef says, you have just begun to cry your mommy tears, 6 years later they haven’t dried up yet

  3. Yeah. I know nothing of mommy tears, but know that the Gilmore Girls is frickin amazing.

    I suggest renting the entire first season, because after watching 2 episodes, you’ll be hooked. Mostly I like it because it’s irrevrent, and very quick. They talk fast, which is good, because I actually like fast talkers.

  4. Umm, yeah, I was also under the impression that these kinds of emotional meltdowns are with us for good from now on – it’s all part of motherhood, both before and after the birth!

  5. I love that show and the fast talking good dialogue, but I can only take it in very small doses because it wrecks me emotionally. My mom and I were a little like them. Sigh.

  6. Oh, the crying. Yes, yes, there will be SO much crying. I’m still blaming it on hormones, myself. First, pregnancy hormones. Then impending birth hormones. Then post-birth hormone crashing. Then breastfeeding hormones. There’s always something. For me, the crying hasn’t really gone away (though it ebbs and flows — ha! flows!) but I have gotten much more used to it.

    My favorite times were when I was crying ABOUT crying, btw.

  7. Yeah, the crying thing. Embarassing, but apparently permanent. I hate that commercials can get me to cry.

  8. I don’t watch Gilmore Girls either, but the quotation reminds me that my kid won’t know how much I love him until he has one of his own. Tears are a pretty common thing around our house as well. Welcome to the fold:)

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