Um, yeah.

My temperature did not go up today. In fact, it dropped slightly. I’m pretty sure that means ovulation is approaching…right on time.

Those OPKs I mentioned–they all look pretty much exactly the same, including this morning’s. I would be embarrassed to post pictures of them, even though I know you wouldn’t laugh at me. I generally don’t even start using OPKs until day 11, which is today. I’m expecting a surge tomorrow or Monday.

I’m on my 3rd cup of Tazo Lotus green tea, and it’s 75 and sunny outside. I am still in my pajamas, and this does not make me feel guilty in the least, because I have already read an entire book and watched an entire movie today, and it’s barely two o’clock, so there will be plenty of sunshine left for me when I decide it’s time to venture out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…the Bat Signal has been turned off and I’ve gotten a grip. Oh, and I love all my bloggirls for answering the call, even though it was more a “Chicken Little” call than a “Batman” call. My gratitude is immense.

2 thoughts on “Um, yeah.

  1. Well, I really don’t understand this stuff because I’m not trying or had any babys.. (or will have I guess, I’m not the mother type of girl) but I wish you all the luck in the world!! 🙂

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