[H]oping for [S]ome [G]ood news

My HSG is scheduled for 10:55 tomorrow morning. I am anxious–the Great Unknown scares the shit out of me–and looking forward to having it over and done with so I can move on to the next phase of this whole conception thing, which incidentally will involve many of the same tools and motions as the HSG, except that then what the doctor will be shooting into my uterus might actually produce a kid.

9 thoughts on “[H]oping for [S]ome [G]ood news

  1. All this doctor malarky scares the bejebus out of me too, and I’m a nurse who works with them all day! It’ll all be over before you know it and you can breathe a big ass sigh of relief. Best of luck with the results!

  2. Good luck good luck good luck! Apparently it’s HSG week in the blogosphere, and good luck!

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