I promised intelligence but you’ll have to settle for this

You’re familiar with trail mix, right? A bunch of random food items thrown into the same bag, uniting as a single product? Little of this, little of that. That’s what this post is: trail mix.

Note: I started this post during a slow stretch on Friday afternoon. The slow stretch quickly turned into an avalanche and I wasn’t able to finish the post, so I’m pretending that it’s still Friday. Humor me.

  1. Photo Fridays. Calliope has launched the very cool “Friday Photo Post.” If you are interested in joining and you aren’t a Calliope reader, why AREN’T you a Calliope reader? Go here and here and find out how to join the fun.
  2. Florida bus/truck/car accident. In the last article I read about the seven Florida children who were killed when an 18-wheeler rammed their car into the back of a stopped school bus, authorities did not seem particularly alarmed [enough for my taste] about the fact that the driver of the car was a 15 year-old girl. The police statement went something like this: “Even if an adult had been in the car everyone still would have been killed.” Okay, fine, but has it occurred to anyone that if an ADULT hadn’t allowed a CHILD to drive a car, the accident might never have occurred? Or that the deaths of those seven children are on the hands of whomever gave that little girl the keys? Am I the only one whose jaw is still on the floor over this?
  3. Flickr. I am now addicted to Flickr (please check out my photos via the link to your right), but I’ve reached my monthly upload limit and am distressed because I have several more photos to add. If you are a Flickr user and you’ve gone Pro, tell me…should I do it? Is it worth it? Also, how do you identify the camera used to take your pictures? I’ve clicked every link and read every message, and still I cannot figure out how to do this.
  4. The deer incident. After three days of pretending nothing out of the ordinary happened at my school earlier this week, the on-staff resource officer finally sent a notice to the faculty acknowledging that something bad happened and assuring us that he is investigating it. He thinks he knows who is responsible. Principal has yet to say a word about the incident.
  5. The tunnel o’ pot. Have you HEARD about this?
  6. The wonder that is liquid echinacea. I’m feeling much better now, and I credit orange juice spiked with liquid echinacea. My glands are now back to a relatively normal size, and I do not ache like someone who has been beaten with a stick. Buy yourself some.

3 thoughts on “I promised intelligence but you’ll have to settle for this

  1. Okay, I have not heard about #2, but oh. my. god! Are these people crazy??

    And as for #5! Whooaa! That’s crazy.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better too, and now I am sick.. where can I get liquid echinacea?

  2. Flickr pro: I did it not for the upload bandwith but for the ability to make more than 2 (3?) albums. If you haven’t started playing with albums yet, DO! It will convince you that the cashola is worth it.

    Flickr *KNOWS* what kind of camera I use. I have never told it. Creepy, huh? (I assume it’s encoded by the camera itself into the metadata for the picture.)

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