Urgent notice!

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for my area. Up to a quarter of an inch of wintry precipitation could fall tonight. That’s right! Enough snow/ice to make a footprint is coming this way! Local meteorologists and newscasters have warned people to take cover, and the grocery store lines are backed up all the way to the meat department. The dearth of bread and milk has prompted the governor to request aid from our neighbors to the south*, as people apparently ingest an abundance of sandwiches and milk during winter storms, and the local home improvement warehouse had sold out of rock salt as of 4:00 this afternoon. At school this afternoon some coaches were already discussing schedule changes in the event of a school cancellation on Thursday. Classes may have to be postponed until January.

Pray for me. If this weather event actually materializes I may actually have to go out in the streets and operate my car among people who cannot drive in March drizzle, much less the mere suggestion of ice and snow. Scary.

*I could be exaggerating. Just a bit.

4 thoughts on “Urgent notice!

  1. Don’t forget toilet paper. Around here the holy storm triumvirate is “bread, milk, and toilet paper”.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get last Thursday’s wish THIS Thursday!

  2. Lucky. I wish we would get a quarter of an inch.. however, it looks as though we will get MUCH more, and I may have to stay here until SATURDAY!!!! Nooooo! (Or they might cancel exams! woo hoo!)

  3. At least the toilet paper seems like (for most, at least) a relative necessity. Did anyone ever die for want of bread & milk, when, say canned corn and frozen chicken were in the house?

    I lived in Birmingham AL for 3 years…crazy people, I tell you. Oh the driving stories…the schools cancelled for “rain” “threat of snow” etc. 😀

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