Question from a lunatic

Someone please assure me that I have not just decreased my chances of conceiving a child from the IUI I had this afternoon because I was crawling on my hands and knees in my wet, leaf-covered grass at 11 p.m. trying to coax my INDOOR CAT from underneath my back porch. Please tell me that the sudden increase in my blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety level due to aforementioned cat’s escape into the great outdoors did not, in fact, slow the sperm, strangle my egg, or cause the lining of my uterus to disintegrate. And please let me know for sure that this er, cautious behavior is the behavior of a sane, balanced future mother and not one of those nuts who follows her child around 27-7 with a first aid kit and a pillow to cushion potential tumbles. Please, I beg you. Ease my mind.

6 thoughts on “Question from a lunatic

  1. Of course your mind should be eased! In fact the exercise and increased general circulation would have done more perhaps to increase the changes of egg metting sperm than NOT crawling around looking for your cat would have.

  2. Breathe. Om, as you said. It’s ok. You did not do any harm, and you will be a FANTASTIC mom.

    But your cat? He’s got you wrapped around his paw! 🙂

  3. You’re fine! We were told that Kristin should spend as much time as possible on her hands and knees (butt in the air) after an insem anyway…

    It’s all in grand plan, babe.

  4. you are fine!
    Just think of all the huffing & puffing folks do when they are trying to get knocked up the FUN way.

  5. I don’t know anything about that stuff.. but I’m sure it’s perfectly fine :o) But..

    CHAPIN GOT OUTSIDE?! He’s going to be planning his escape now that he has seen the wonders of the great outdoors.

  6. I agree with Trista! You unconciously were doing the exact right thing to spur on those little fellas! By the time this blog is up and running again you will probably have some indication! Mary and I send our best wishes!

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