Thirteen Things about hd

Thirteen Things about hd

  1. I am so thoroughly under the influence of Aleve at this moment that I would not be surprised if the next 12 things I tell you about myself are a)extremely repetitive, b)painfully dull, or c)written in tongues.
  2. Sometimes I buy a tub of Duncan Heinz chocolate icing and put it in my refrigerator and eat a spoonful of it once a day until it is all gone, and it is WAY better than ice cream.
  3. I am so exhilarated after watching “Commander in Chief” on Tuesday nights that I have trouble falling asleep. I want to live in Mackenzie Allen’s America. Actually, I want to be a part of her staff.
  4. I, like my sister, am a geek. Although I am less of a closet geek than she is. My geekiness is more obvious. I think she is way cooler than I am.
  5. I have to go back into the house at least once every morning after I have already gotten into and started my car because I have either forgotten something or can’t remember if I turned off the stove.
  6. When I get a new e-mail message, Matt Leblanc’s voice says, “Nice lookin’ mail,” and I just got a new message, and the sound of Joey speaking from my computer scared me so badly I almost dropped the laptop on the cat.
  7. When I visited my grandparents as a child I always slept on a pallet my grandmother made for me on the floor right next to her side of the bed, and I can still see in my mind the orange and yellow flowered sheets and the brown fleece blanket, and I can feel the cool of the fabric on my feet, and to this day I won’t sleep on a pallet in the floor because no other pallet can ever compare to that one.
  8. I would really like a Bailey’s Irish Creme on the rocks, or a Crown and Coke, but since it’s been so long since I drank liquor, and since I am currently on drugs (see #1), I am afraid I would still be drunk tomorrow, and they frown upon that in the public schools.
  9. Sometimes if my animals are sleeping very deeply and they look like they are not breathing I will poke them to make sure they are still alive, and they will open their eyes sleepily and look at me like, “Woman, can’t you SEE I’m sleeping here?” Note to self: must overcome this neurosis before birthing a child.
  10. I am allergic to cats, but I am not allergic to my cat, and no one knows why.
  11. I secretly worry about my mom.
  12. Every time a new Harry Potter book is released I re-read the entire series leading up to the newest volume, and every time a new HP movie is released I re-read the book on which the movie is based and re-watch the other movies marathon-style before going to the theater to see it. See, I told you I was a geek.
  13. If you picked “b” on #1 you are tonight’s winner. I am painfully dull. Tongues would have been much better.

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