Things that make me laugh so hard*


Girl on the PA making morning announcements: “Good luck to the cross country team as they take on arch rival Reidsville High school today.”

Student in my class: “Is that really the name of the school?”

Another student in my class: “Yeah, Reidsville. Like the town?”

Student in my class: “Oh. I thought they said the name of the school was ‘Arch Rival’.”

*I’m making this a regular post. Otherwise I’ll forget about these gems, and they really need to be shared.

3 thoughts on “Things that make me laugh so hard*

  1. It is SO hard not to laugh sometimes. Today, I swear the kid doing the announcements said, “I pledge allegiance to the flag for Richard Stands…” and HE’S READING IT. It’s not like he’s working of memory here.

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