I see you there, sitting at your kitchen table in a rare quiet moment. One kid is asleep, another is playing at the neighbor’s down the street. You are summoning the energy to get up and clean those floors for the third time this week, wondering how much you can get done before nap time … More Storm/Shelter

Dear Hayden

When Daddy and I were babies, Mamaw and Nonna wrote down things about us every week in something called a “baby book.” Things like our first steps and when we started eating peas and bananas and the dates of all our shots. They kept up with them for years. We still have them, and their … More Dear Hayden

The Right Choice

A few weekends ago we went to a cookout at the home of one of Trent’s coworkers. As usual, we were the picture of A Family Who Has It Together: I was on the brink of heat exhaustion in the sweater I’d purchased earlier that day and had to wear, not only because it was … More The Right Choice