The Age of Miracles

You’ve probably heard the story of the man whose home is slowly being engulfed by floodwaters—how he waited, first on his porch, then next to a second floor window, then on the roof, and waved off his would-be rescuers because he knew for certain God was coming to save him. And then he drowned. Died, … More The Age of Miracles

Off the list

Oh hey, hiiii. It’s been a while. I wish I could say I haven’t written in ages because it’s summer break and I’ve been traveling, or taking a reading break (that’s a real thing writers do, right?), but the truth is, it’s hard to concentrate with a 10 year-old practicing her soccer rainbow with a … More Off the list

Never Change

You would have been 85 today. Eighty-five. It is so hard for me to fathom, because you are frozen in time for me. I think about you and picture someone in decent health, quick and strong, handsome and deeply tanned from working outside. I never picture you the way you were just before you died. … More Never Change

It’s Wednesday

Today is not our anniversary. It is not your birthday, or mine, or anyone else’s. There’s no holiday to observe, nothing in particular to celebrate. It is just Wednesday, and I want to tell you something. To say things have been busy lately–and by lately I mean the last 2-3 years–is an understatement. There may have … More It’s Wednesday


There is an article floating around Facebook this week about lateness. Specifically, it demonizes people who run late on the regular, and it is not nice. In fact, the title of it is “No, You Are Not Running Late, You Are Rude and Selfish.” It was written by a professional recruiter, and based on that … More Timely

Southern Comfort

Apparently today is National Poetry Day? I thought April was all about the poetry, but Twitter says it is National Poetry Day, so it must be true. I’m working on so many unfinished drafts of not poetry, but here’s a poem I wrote about my grandma Norma Jean 15 years ago (FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, WHAT?). … More Southern Comfort


When I was a little kid I used to sit for hours in my mom’s old bedroom in my grandparents’ house, at the foot of a dresser that is now in my own guest room, and look at old pictures. The bottom two drawers of that dresser were full to overflowing with photographs, and I … More Magic 

Dirty Laundry

One of my favorite episodes of “Designing Women” includes a conversation between Mary Jo (Annie Potts) and Julia (Dixie Carter) in which Mary Jo admits taking the shirt she’s wearing out of the dirty clothes hamper earlier that morning and ironing it because she is too tired and busy to do laundry. Julia’s response is one … More Dirty Laundry

I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.

I am not qualified to provide commentary about what’s happening in Paris and other parts of the world right now. I am not even qualified to understand what is happening in Paris and other parts of the world. I am not qualified to suggest solutions to global terrorism, or even terrorism of the local variety. I … More I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.