No big surprise

It probably won’t shock any of you to hear that I’m taking the new job. As soon as I have an actual contract in my hand I’ll give you more details, but I thought I’d address some of your questions/concerns (because I know you’ve just been on the edge of your seat waiting for more!).

  • RE: losing my summer. That has been the hardest thing for me to get past, but I won’t actually be losing ALL of my summer. It’s an 11-month position, compared to my 10-month position with the school system. The truth is, summer is not always good for me, especially toward the end when any semblance of routine I have tried to maintain has gone straight to hell in a fiery handbasket. Also, should I continue working at said new position, I will be able to explore some of the awesome year-round magnet schools in my area for when Mia starts school, something I would never have considered before–I didn’t want to be off work when my kid was in school, and vice-versa. New Job would make our year-rounds a possibility for Mia, and I would have enough flexibility to make sure my 12th month was concurrent with her 4-week summer break.
  • RE: resignation/breaking contract issues. I really have no idea, but I don’t think it will be a problem. I am fairly certain the new year, and thus the new contract period, begins sometime in August for the school system. I think a resignation sometime this week will be a safe move. I will check into it, though.
  • RE: retirement. I also have no idea. I know that PNJO has a private retirement funding system, but I don’t know how my current public school retirement fund OR my years of service play into that sysem. That’s another thing I’ll be looking into.
  • RE: insurance/benefits. PNJO has excellent benefits, comparable or maybe even better than those I’ve gotten through the school system. In many areas, PNJO actually has better benefits than the schools–particularly an 8-week paid maternity leave (do you know how many weeks of PAID maternity leave I got when Mia was born? ZERO. I had to take ALL of my sick leave and most of my personal and annual leave, and for the last 2 weeks I was out I wasn’t allowed to take ANY leave, so I got nothing for those 10 days). Also, if I continue to work at PNJO for, oh, let’s say the next 18 years, there are some REALLY SUPER EXCELLENT potential benefits for my offspring.

The Hirer tells me things are moving along, so hopefully in the very near future I won’t have to be so gray about the whole thing. Meanwhile, thanks for all the great advice. I knew I could count on you people.

3 thoughts on “No big surprise

  1. Yeah! And… I’m still a little jealous. 😉 How cool for Mia, if you do stay there for, oh, I don’t know… 18 years or so!

  2. Very cool. FYI..your years of service to state gov’t will stay just where they are. You can leave in the event that you return or you can cash it out. If you return (and I hope your new job is so great you don’t have to), you will pick up where you left off in terms of years of service and how much vacation time you earn.


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