Greetings from the dim light of my bedroom!

That doesn’t really sound exciting does it? I know, I know. I am pretty much always at home, unless I am at work, and that’s not particularly exciting either. Not nearly as exciting as, “Greetings from the sunny South Carolina coast!” See, now there’s something new and different. Except that I am no longer on the sunny South Carolina coast. I am…at home. You see, I had planned to write at least three of the five mornings I was at the beach, but our “suite” that online appears to have a separate dining room was actually one large room and a bathroom, and the only thing that made the dining room separate was that neither of the beds converted to a table. And since I was sharing a bed with my daughter, who likes to sleep with her face pressed into a corner, and since the bed was not against the wall, thus making me one wall of her corner, I was left with no choice but to lie in bed inhaling my baby’s sweet sleep smells and think about what brilliant things I would write later. Sadly I have forgotten most of them.

So now I am back to my original plan of writing every morning before the kid wakes up—which, according to history, will be in approximately 10 minutes. So there’s no time today for the story of my adventures with bikini line hair remover, or the two total resort evacuations that occurred during our beach stay, or the list of things I learned while on vacation. At least tomorrow I’ll know right where to begin.

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