Today I burned myself while making homemade hot apple cider. On my boob. Yeah, you read that right: I burned my boob making hot cider. I’d love to tell you there was something racy going on involving the cider, but no, I was testing it with a spoon and some splashed onto my hand, causing me to jerk the spoon and quite a bit of cider all over the front of my…chest area. It hurts.

Today I went to the grocery store with a list and a recipe in hand. I told my dad I was bringing a cranberry apple concoction, so I took the recipe so I’d know what I needed to prepare it. Guess what I didn’t get. ANY of the recipe ingredients. Not one. I was focused on the list and forgot about the recipe.

Today I have to do laundry and pack for my Thanksgiving trip to my dad’s. I am leaving at 7:30 in the morning. I have not even started. This is as good as blogging is going to get for me today, and I don’t know if I’ll be blogging from my dad’s over the holidays or not. So happy Thanksgiving, and may you drink your hot cider safely.

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