I’ve got a draft going that I just can’t give any more thought or energy to tonight. It’s one of those been-churning-for-a-while-now posts that needs to be written but can’t seem to work its way out of my head. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep and a few hours of clear thinking in the morning will help me find the right words.

Meanwhile, a public service announcement: The M&M? It’s gotten fatter. Did you know? I opened up a bag of holiday editon mint M&Ms yesterday and they were at least twice as robust as regular M&Ms. Has anyone else noticed this amazingly wonderful phenomenon?

2 thoughts on “P.S.A.

  1. M&M’s are having some sort of identity crisis or something. I am a classics kind of gal, but I think once they started adding almonds things went a bit askew. (not that I mind the almonds)
    But then they had to go peanut butter, rice krispy, dark chocolate, mega sized, tiny sized…I just want the plains please.

  2. I had some of the raspberry ones, that were like double size. I can only assume the mint ones are similar. I did NOT like the berry flavoured ones, as they tasted…sickly sweet instead of mellow and chocolatey. As I LOVE me some mint and chocolate, I would be willing to give the mint ones a try.

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