Found: October

Current temperature: 67.

That’s more like it. Now about this drought…138 days of water remaining for my city. What does that mean exactly? That if we don’t get considerable rainfall in the next 138 days we will not be allowed to drink, cook or shower?

Please discuss.

6 thoughts on “Found: October

  1. It’s really fucked up here in VA, too. No water. It’s so bad. And! The county is approving new developments left and fucking right! Because I am so sure those new people moving here will bring enough water to bathe themselves and wash all their clothes and water their fucking lawns and *drink* for the rest of their natural born days and so there is no need to use any common sense or long term planning in regards to our water supply. No need.
    Aye. Water is An Issue. For me. Sorry.

    Anyway, we had serious water restrictions here about 5 years ago and what it meant was the water to houses/businesses was rationed – use over your alloted amount and you got fined. So people did things like use laundromats instead of their home machines (more water efficient), took showers instead of baths, etc, etc. The restaurants stopped serving water unless requested and used all disposable table services (the landfill be damned, you see) and all the car washes closed. There was talk of not opening the university for the fall semester. You can imagine the economic fall out of all this. It did serve the purpose of making people more aware of water use, but did it stick? No! Here we are, 5 years later, and closing in on the same problem – but nobody is talking about it like it’s a real problem yet.
    I’m done now.

  2. uuummmm….. I just realized my link didn’t work because I was so busy ranting I typed it wrong. Ooops.
    And now I am one of those 2 comments types people.

  3. It’s my fault. Allow me to explain.

    Australia as a whole, but especially the south eastern/eastern seaboard portion, have been in a drought for a very long while–years, in fact. Most places are on 3rd-5th level water restrictions; when we visited Brisbane, they have mandatory 4 minute showers. There is the possibility of such restrictions in the coming summer months here in Melbourne. I return to the US in January, and conveniently the water runs out in Greensboro (where I’ll be living with my mom until I have a job) shortly thereafter.

    The entire thing is a clever ploy by the universe to make me feel at home again in the States, having become accustomed to the waterless weather of Australia. So it is entirely my fault. I’m very sorry!

  4. I think Mother Earth is saving it up so that we have a lot of snow this winter! Please please please let that be it!

  5. i’m going to take a wild guess at where you live. AND i’m going to say that i have have pretty strong feelings about this.
    About 4 years ago i took an entire class based on the “water wars”–it has been known for years that (what i think is) your city is reaching maximum capacity, and that water released from one major unnamed reservoir was crucial to the health and wellbeing of residents and all types of aquatic and terrestrial life in two states below it.
    It scares the sh*t out of me that you-know-who governor is asking Bush to declare a state of emergency to screw over the endangered species. WTF?
    i know residents (many of my best friends) that live up there may feel differently, but it is my personal opinion that this should be a sign to STOP DEVELOPING.
    Anyway, how are you? 😉

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