Still here

There isn’t a great deal of sleep taking place here in our Small Corner these days*, so composing anything that makes sense is out of the question right now. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a cough/cold since mid-December and can’t seem to shake it. However, I am lucid enough to post a few gratuitous photos of Mia. Please note: it’s NEVER too early to encourage sound political ethics, as illustrated below.

*Don’t be deceived by the photo above. It was taken during the day. Apparently sleeping during the day is in fashion for 2 week-olds. Sleeping during the night…not so much.

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11 thoughts on “Still here

  1. She is so precious! Sorry about the sleeping though. Those newborns just don’t seem to understand that whole day vs. night thing. Hang in there! She’ll eventually figure it out.

  2. All of her is pretty darn cute, but that nose takes the cake. I could just pinch it. Going to be a real heartbreaker someday… She will get you on her schedule eventually and trust me when I say this: If chickie is sleeping, you better be as well. The eager readers of your blog can wait. We understand.

  3. She’s so sweet (even if you’re all pretty sleepless). I just can’t get over her hair though – it’s amazing!

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