It’s hard out here for a geek

As promised, each day of my vacation I sent a picture a day from cell phone to blog for your viewing enjoyment. Before I left, in true geek fashion, I merged the initial mobile blog and my current blog and then I did a test send before I left to make sure it worked. Satisfied that it had indeed worked, I snapped away at the beach, sure that my pictures were making their way to you. They weren’t. So much for being a geek at the beach.

Don’t worry. You didn’t miss much as far as the cell phone pictures go. I took some with a real camera that are far superior. Unfortunately, I’m too exhausted to do anything with them right now. Stay tuned.

One thought on “It’s hard out here for a geek

  1. welcome home!
    You can actually see one of your photos on bloglines- but it doesn’t show up on your actual blog…

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