1. Have you heard about the 33 year-old Malaysian man who married a 104 year-old woman yesterday? If you’re thinking it was for money, think again. According to this article, they married out of mutual love and respect. It’s the first marriage for the husband, but Granny’s been around the block–21 times!

2. I have new neighbors, and while they seem nice enough, their big black dog is a pain in the ass. They have absolutely no control over it, so it runs around and makes in all the neighboring yards while Neighbor Woman stands on the sidewalk in her shorty shorts and bare feet and yells at it. The dog’s name is Stella. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not the dog that annoys me after all. It’s the constant screaming of the dog’s name. “Stella! STELLA! STELLLLAAAAAA!!!” It’s like I live next door to Marlon Brando!

3. My birdies have babies. In fact, the Little Brown Wren babies have already left home. The Chickadee babies are still living with their parents, and they are so loud I can hear them as I type this, loud and clear through a glass window and a closed storm door. Poor Mom and Dad Chickadee are literally bringing food into the birdhouse constantly. One will fly in with a bug as the other flies out. I don’t know how many babies are in there, but based on the sound and the feeding schedule, I’m guessing 30.

4. Katie–oops, er–Kate Holmes. Wonder what it is Tom has washed her brain with.

5. In case anyone is wondering, there are 27 school days remaining. Read: I will have to resist committing violent crime just 27 more times.

6. Have you noticed the new Word Verification feature on Blogger? There’s a little “handicapped” symbol, and if you click it a voice reads a series of numbers for you to type instead of the letter jumble.

7. My cat is asleep in the recliner on his back with his enormous Bugs Bunny feet straight up in the air and his front paws curled up under his chin. His head is hanging off the edge of the chair. He is the cutest cat ever to walk the earth, and I would photograph him for proof, but then he might move, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

6 thoughts on “Random

  1. I feel your pain sister about the 27 days. I only have 17 more days of refraining from reteaching the scientific process by trying to see if indeed I CAN toss an 8 year old through the 4 inch crack our windows open up.

  2. I have just about the same number of school days, give or take a couple. I have begun the phase of my schoolyear where I only do lessons that can be accomplished while I sit in one place and the children go off and do something far away from me (ex. I give them cards with Dewey numbers on them, make them put themselves in order and then send them off to find the books in the stacks. Not that my space is so huge that this gets them very far physically, but at least no one’s bugging me for a good 90 seconds at a time.)

  3. Eh, we have the annoying neighbor who yells at the dog constantly. His name is Bo. Very nice dog, but the screaming makes me want to move.

  4. teehee i’m finished with school tomorrow :o)(i know YOU are finished with your classes already, but you still have to go to SCHOOL.) i’m just rubbing that in.

  5. 1) Did she kill off the rest?
    2) I think they named the dog that just to annoy you.
    3) I had a bird who was so noisy when my mom was on the phone people would say, ‘So, how many birds do you have?’ So divide the number by ten and you might have it.
    4) Clorox?
    5) Don’t they screen for those tendencies before you start work?
    6) I thought it was a restroom sign.
    7) Oh, please DO take a picture.

    (I love reading your posts.)

  6. I click that handicapped thing all the time!

    my question is- if you are in need of such assistance then how do you know where to click? It almost seems cruel.

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