On this day… [Edited with link repairs and additional humor]

Caesar was assassinated. Columbus returned to Spain after discovering the “New World.” Maine became a state, and the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought in Greensboro, less than a mile from my house. The American Legion was founded, Czar Nicholas was forced to abdicate the throne, and oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia.

A little closer to home, Chapin was born three years ago today. I should have known what was in store when I learned he’d been born on the Ides of March. “Caesar…Caesar…CAESAR! Beware…the Ides…of Maaaaarrrrcccchhhh.”*

And one year ago today I came here and wrote this. What a year it has been. Babies being conceived, babies being born, babies lost, babies still hoped for. New and awesome blog friends. New blog connections to family and old friends. I have loved it here–loved the discoveries and the laughs and the comraderie. Loved the HTML education and the Flickr addiction. Loved knowing my voice has a place of its own in the universe. It was one of the best decisions involving a computer I’ve ever made, and that includes the time I spent hours on the Internet searching for this shirt.

That’s right, it’s my blog’s birthday. No presents, please, but comments are welcome. The party starts, well, now.

*In the old film version of Julius Caesar starring John Gielgud and Marlon Brando, the Soothsayer who warns Caesar of his impending death takes every advantage of his brief moment in the spotlight by dragging his lines out in a most dramatic way. I haven’t seen the movie since 10th grade, but that scene is burned into my memory, and on every Ides of March, and whenever something ominous is about to happen (i.e. bad weather, the State of the Union address), I repeat the line in my best raspy voice, eyes all wild, head twitching. It’s no wonder people think I’m crazy.

6 thoughts on “On this day… [Edited with link repairs and additional humor]

  1. Happy! Happy! Hopefully this Next Year In Blog will prove to be one of equal – or surpassing – passion, happiness, and accomplishments. Woo-hoo & PARTY ON!

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