I. Am. Monday.

I am not pregnant. In fact, I started my new cycle a whole three days earlier than usual. I’ve never been early for anything in my life. I normally dislike being early; this is no exception.

I am tired and crabby.

I am addicted to decaffeinated tea–The Republic of Tea’s “Earl Greyer.” I know it seems impossible to be addicted to decaf, but this stuff is SO GOOD.

And I am just now getting warm after waking up to a 60 degree house this morning. Last night’s low was 47, but I refuse to turn my heat on just yet because I’m not ready for tripled natural gas prices.

I am already ready for Friday.

5 thoughts on “I. Am. Monday.

  1. hd,
    Thanks for your comment. i too am ready for Friday. But we test this week (or start a cycle) around Wednesday, so i have a feeling the week is going to crawl by…
    i’m so sorry to hear of your disappointing news. i’ll be wishing you the best in two weeks when you (hopefully) try again.

  2. Hope you are Tuesday by now. I am still Monday (but that is at least in part since I took yesterday off). Again, my condolences on the end of your cycle. 😦

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