Day 2: Darkness

Oh little town of Bethlehem With your sky so black May God impart to human heart The wisdom that we lack “Bethlehem” Jack Henderson and Linford Detweiler, performed by Over the Rhine and Jack Henderson I spent the first 10 years of my life in a church that did not observe Christmas as a religious … More Day 2: Darkness

Will they know YOU?

Originally published at Our Words Collaborative    “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” -Matthew 11:35 NLT My husband is a die hard fan of his undergraduate university, a school in our state with a national reputation of excellence in several areas of study and an athletic … More Will they know YOU?

Not grow weary

I heard the indicator on my watch double-beep. The last waypoint before the end of my route was approaching. I knew once I crossed that point I would be home free. I might even pick up speed and finish with a sprint. But at the moment I felt like someone was physically pulling me backward. … More Not grow weary

Southern Comfort

Apparently today is National Poetry Day? I thought April was all about the poetry, but Twitter says it is National Poetry Day, so it must be true. I’m working on so many unfinished drafts of not poetry, but here’s a poem I wrote about my grandma Norma Jean 15 years ago (FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, WHAT?). … More Southern Comfort


When I was a little kid I used to sit for hours in my mom’s old bedroom in my grandparents’ house, at the foot of a dresser that is now in my own guest room, and look at old pictures. The bottom two drawers of that dresser were full to overflowing with photographs, and I … More Magic 

Voices in the night

I can’t remember the exact cartoon–possibly a Looney Tunes bit on a Saturday morning, or a Tom and Jerry escapade one afternoon after school–but I remember the scene: some animated character was struggling with whether or not to smash his adversary to bits as tiny angel and devil versions of himself perched on each of … More Voices in the night

On the fourth day

(Originally posted at Our Words Collaborative on July 8, 2016) One of the most powerful sermons I’ve ever heard was at a Christmas Eve service a few years ago, delivered by the lead pastor of the large community church we used to attend. He always nails the Advent story, bringing new life and different angles … More On the fourth day