Thank you for letting me rock you to sleep tonight. After the dinnertime scream fest, the hitting and kicking and whining, the writhing and sand throwing and back arching, and especially after the Daddy love fest these past few days, I was starting to think maybe it was me. That’s right: I was taking your … More Boy.

Office Space

I read somewhere recently that perpetually reading blogs and other forms of social media, particularly those aimed at women who are in the trenches of family raising, is a good way to “kill your joy.” Okay, it wasn’t just “somewhere.” It was on Facebook. A blog link, in fact, that appeared in my feed because … More Office Space

Head case

So apparently¬†it had been–gasp!–three whole weeks since I wrote something that didn’t contain one of these words or phrases:”Primal leadership,” “Satisfied customers,” “Library administrator,” “Hiring for talent,” or “Workplace climate.” If you are thinking to yourself, “Wow, that sounds about as exciting as plucking off your own arm hairs one at a time,” let me … More Head case