The Story

Originally published March 30, 2017 in response to the last attack on American healthcare and the Syrian refugee crisis.  Last week as I absentmindedly scrolled through Facebook the way we do, I saw a story on Scary Mommy called “What if it Were My Baby? The Importance of Putting Ourselves in Another Mother’s Shoes.” I skipped … More The Story


There is an article floating around Facebook this week about lateness. Specifically, it demonizes people who run late on the regular, and it is not nice. In fact, the title of it is “No, You Are Not Running Late, You Are Rude and Selfish.” It was written by a professional recruiter, and based on that … More Timely

Look at Me

I almost did not open Facebook at all last Friday. I have started avoiding it more and more, or searching for particular pages and people whose new posts I am interested in seeing, rather than scrolling endlessly and taking whatever happens to be there. Because lately “whatever happens to be there” is more than I … More Look at Me

Will they know YOU?

Originally published at Our Words Collaborative    “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” -Matthew 11:35 NLT My husband is a die hard fan of his undergraduate university, a school in our state with a national reputation of excellence in several areas of study and an athletic … More Will they know YOU?

On my mind.

It has been almost a year, both since we chatted, and since we have not chatted, about your girl. I still remember vividly that morning when, per my  usual routine, I stumbled across your post on Facebook and literally hit my knees on the unforgiving linoleum floor of my bathroom. My mom was still staying … More On my mind.

Just in case.

I spent days obsessing about my clothes and shoes. I pre-selected my nail polish color and waited until the last minute to perform my very careful gel manicure so it would endure. I researched and almost bought new shoes based on how they might complement a pair of pants I was considering wearing (read: I didn’t … More Just in case.