Not grow weary

I heard the indicator on my watch double-beep. The last waypoint before the end of my route was approaching. I knew once I crossed that point I would be home free. I might even pick up speed and finish with a sprint. But at the moment I felt like someone was physically pulling me backward. … More Not grow weary

My motorbike is ugly

I started audio Italian lessons last weekend using a program designed for the car. The lessons are short and conveniently divided so that a 10 minute drive to Target is equivalent to one lesson. There are four CDs, each an hour long, and the first CD is called the “On Ramp to Italian.” It consists … More My motorbike is ugly

So 1987 of me

Thursday night is yoga night in my universe. I practice yoga at home on my own a few days a week, but on Thursdays I get to go to a studio class and study with Martha, who knows the poses very well, is very humorous and lighthearted, and looks a great deal like Joan Baez. … More So 1987 of me


It’s one in the afternoon on a Monday, and I am sitting at my kitchen table eating Beefaroni and White House apple sauce. Suddenly I’m in third grade again, and I’ve managed to convince my mom that I really needed to stay home from school. I am eating at my grandparents’ table listening to “All … More Hooky