“What could you write about? List 25 persons, places, or things you would like to write about some day. Then, choose one and WRITE!!!! Save the others for another day.” I have been drafting the following list for over a week. It was supposed to be my post LAST TUESDAY. I would love to tell … More Twenty-five

Slow boil

Thanks to those of you who posted questions or bits of inspiration on my last post. Yesterday after I finished typing my desperate plea for help, I feverishly clicked PUBLISH and then ran out to my car and had a panic attack. Okay, I actually ran out to my car because I had an off-campus … More Slow boil


I used to brag about how I never get sick, about how I have an immune system straight out of a science lab thanks to my perpetual exposure to teenagers who leave their snot-soaked tissues on the floor and sneeze on the pencil sharpener for fun. I have probably done some such bragging on this … More Sick


Last Monday was the first day of my last semester of graduate school. I should have typed those words with enthusiasm, but I am not at all enthusiastic. I am so over graduate school. Sad, because I amĀ an eager student by nature. But there are so many other things I’d rather be learning right now: … More BFF

More on writing, reading, and living a balanced life

I actually snickered audibly when I typed the words “living a balanced life” in the title, because the whole thing suggests that I am about to write knowledgeably about those topics. Let me assure you right here at the beginning that nothing of the sort is going to happen. It might as well read, “More … More More on writing, reading, and living a balanced life