Bourbon Bacon Marmalade

Yesterday was the first day that my children and I interacted with people other than the members of our household and my daughter’s best friend from down the street since #snowpacolypse last Thursday night. Of those five days, three of them were legit snowed-in days. Cars stuck in the driveway, roads covered, church closed, hope you don’t need anything … More Bourbon Bacon Marmalade

Not even for you, BFF

Those of you who’ve been around a while will remember my BFF, Catherine Newman? For years she wrote a parenting blog, Dalai Mama, which I discovered through my addiction to [the now defunct, let us all have a moment of silence] Wondertime magazine, and then she shifted her focus to a food blog, Dalai Mama Dishes*. When I initially … More Not even for you, BFF

The consumer whore report on healthy eating

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, (and by “you” I mean my fellow consumer whores who believe in supporting local business but are continually lured by the Siren Song of the Starbucks drive-through) but your friendly local international coffee chain is trying to go healthy. Are you familiar with the new menu items? Oatmeal with dried … More The consumer whore report on healthy eating