The power of suggestion

My grand NaBloPoMo plan to write during some quiet coffee break or snack time at work was apparently a big joke. Thus, for the third or fourth night in a row, I find myself sitting at the computer when I should be getting ready for bed. In fact, I considered skipping tonight and going on to bed around 9:30, but then something happened that couldn’t be ignored.

I was reading this post and laughing right out loud when, as if she, too, were reading it, my daughter, the Queen of the Impossibly Hard BM (for the past several weeks), pooped. Audibly. Just like the baby in the post. I’m reading and laughing, and I’m laughing at my kid who is red-faced and quite noisy, and I’m going, “Ewwwww, gross, I hate it when that happens.” And then everything got very quiet, and also very smelly, and I thought to myself, “Gee. That smells runny.”

The next few minutes were a blur of  discovery and clean-up, and while I’m glad to report there was no animal involvement in this poop event, Mia’s jeans were not so lucky. For once I’m kind of glad she wasn’t sitting on my lap. Now excuse me while I examine my carpet.

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